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Vijai Patchineelam, Sreshta Rit Premnath & Jaret Vadera

Rafil Kroll-Zaidi project space

February 19 – March 21, 2009
Opening: Thursday, February 19, 6-8:30 pm

Thomas Erben is excited to present a group of three artists who play with the poetics of relation, activating the spaces in between text, photography, painting, video, film and experience. Parallels, conundrums and paradoxes are the modus operandi used to illuminate the layered processes of making sense. Texts and still or moving images are partially erased, but then reappear in multiples, accretions or other media and slip back and forth between potential readings.
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Mornings in Mexicos @ Guangzhou Triennial

Organized by: Steven Lam, Tamar Guimaraes, Eric Angles

Kristina Ask (Denmark)
Daniel Andersson (Finland)
Avi Alpert (USA)
Eric Anglès (France/USA)
Ricardo Cuevas (Mexico)
Asa Elzen (Sweden)
Tamar Guimaraes (UK/Danmark/Brazil)
Carla Herrerra-Prats (USA/Mexico)
Jesal Kapadia (USA/India)
Jeuno Kim (Korea/Sweden)
Runo Lagomarsino (Sweden/Argentina)
Steven Lam (USA)
Erin Ming Lee (USA)
Sarah Lookofsky (Denmark/USA)
Kasper Akhøj (Denmark)
Sreshta Rit Premnath (USA/India)
Rebecka Thor (Sweden)
Edward Schexnayder (USA)

“Current” reviewed in Deccan Herald

…”Sreshta Premnath’s ‘Infinite Threat, Infinite Regress’ passes on to the socio-political plane, though addressed to individuals. Manipulated, multiplied and enhanced images from a Bruce Lee film have the hero facing an invisible adversary in a chamber of mirrors. The effect is of high but confused, self-imposed or rather state-imposed alertness and fear, which becomes underscored by the TV monitor displaying an apparently clear, yet practically useless abstract graph, with the official estimate of terrorist threat in the US. ”

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GALLERYSKE, Bangalore is proud to present

A group show featuring works by Sreshta Premnath, Minam A., Sakshi Gupta, and Avinash Veeraraghavan.

Preview: Sunday, 20 July, 2008

On display: 21 July – 25 August, 2008

CURRENT features works by four young artists with current practices and creative vocabularies. The premise was simple: the artists were invited to respond to the word “current” with it’s various implications—of wind, water and electric currents and the quality of being immediate and contemporary. Each of the four artists has approached the idea with his/her own specific biases and predilections.

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The Audacity of Desperation

Avi Alpert and Sreshta Rit Premnath will be playing a game of Carrom, a tabletop game somewhat similar to billiards, between 6 and 8 pm on Saturday June 21st. Visitors are encouraged to join them (up to 4 people can play at a time). They will be happy to explain the rules of the game for those who have not played and also to converse about anything that may be of interest. Tea and cookies will be served, and books and seating will be made available for those who prefer to watch the game or read something rather than participate.

“The Audacity of Desperation”

Presented by PS 122 Gallery at DEMO Space 122

150 1st Avenue, enter on 1st Avenue, take stairs to second floor

June 19 – June 22, 2008

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WISP Studio Program Exhibition

Presented by Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program
at 548 West 22nd Street, 3rd floor

May 17 – June 7, 2008

An exhibition of works by the 2007–08 Studio Program participants of the Independent Study Program:


Saturday, May 17 5–8 pm

Daily 11 am–6 pm

Saturday, May 31 6:30–8 pm

The exhibition and all events take place at 548 West 22nd Street, 3rd floor. Admission is free.

Black Box reviewed in Deccan Herald

Jan 28, 2008 – Marta Jakimowicz

Collapse of Certainty

Galleryske, continuing its focus on bold, young art, presents Bangalore-born Sreshta Premnath who lives in New York. His exhibition, the “Black Box” (January 7 to February 15) from evidence of air crash becomes a metaphor of the current collapse of clarity in a globalising world. Human and object movements spontaneously change and muddle perception, positions and values, while deliberate manipulation of the same comes from economical powers and advertising imagery aided by technology.

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Unnamable Name

Unnamable Name – January through March 2008
An installation within the book-stacks of Tompkins Library organized by Ithaca/NYC based artist Todd Ayoung

The library’s 2008 Series A Year of Art at the Library opens with a very different exhibit – Unnamable Name. Search for the exhibit within the book-stacks.

Unnamable Name is a group exhibition organized by the Ithaca/NYC based installation artist Todd Ayoung that includes works by visual artists working locally and internationally and using a variety of different media.Artists were asked to create work for underused non-art spaces inside the Tompkins County Public Library that addresses the repetition, persistence and notion of the “unnamable”, as a sighting between identity, or the naming of a category.

Participating artists include: Martha Rosler, Phill Niblock, Johan Grimonprez, Elisabeth Cohen, Jane Jin Kaisin, Ayisha Abraham, Greg Sholette, Rit Premnath, Kim Asbury, Buzz Spector, Dread Scott, Janet Koenig, Toby Greenberg, Katherine Liberovskaya, Kenseth Amstead, David Diao, Jacob Tell, Mierle Ukeles, Jenny Polak and Jeff de Castro with a Catalogue essay by Jelena Stojanovic and opening music by Chris White.

Black Box at Gallery SKE


7th January, 2008 – 15th February, 2008
Preview 5th January, 2008, 7:00 PM onwards

Join us on Tuesday, 8th January, 6:00 – 7:30 PM for a conversation between Sreshta Premnath and Avinash Veeraraghavan.

Open 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays
Sundays by appointment only

The Presidency 82
St. Marks Road
Bangalore- 560 001
(+91) (80) 4112 0873

“Phantom Moon” in Between To And From

First Look 2008 Emerging Artists Series
December 14, 2007 – January 25, 2008
New Jersey Visual Arts Center, 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ

Opening Reception: Friday, December 14, 6-8pm

Curated by Eleanor Eichenbaum and Veronica Mijelshon, the exhibition will showcase the recent works of Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Rachael Faillace, Richard Garrison, Heather Johnson, Caitlin Masley, Amanda Mathis, Sreshta Premnath, Daniel Seiple, and Letha Wilson.

More pics and info about this project here

Lush at Art Basel – Miami Beach

“Freedom of the Seas: Safe View”

Dec 6 – 9, 2008

Bani Abidi
Krishnaraj Chonat
Sakshi Gupta
Sreshta Premnath
Sudarshan Shetty
Avinash Veeraraghavan

Curated by Gallery SKE (Bangalore, India) and Tilton Gallery (New York City, USA)

MoCA Erased

After a month of trying to figure out why the Museum of Contextual Amputations was not loading I have come to the conclusion that it was erased.

This online Museum showcased objects, images and texts that specifically employed the following strategies:

1 Lies/ Deceit
2 Plagiarism
3 Embellishment/ Extension
4 Erasure/ Removal
5 De-contextualization and Re-contextualization
6 Myth and Fiction

However, on October 12th 2007 the site mysteriously stopped loading. On further investigation it was found that the php pages in the site had been over-written by a short repeating code. Was this the final intervention? Had someone erased the Museum? After all, that was the fourth tenet of the project – Erasure/ Removal. The Shifter team is trying to track down the culprit – The Columbus Day Marauder – while simultaneously considering how to act next.

Any help is welcome since it was never fully backed up and may take a long time to reconstruct. Please email us if you have any leads or suggestions on how to proceed:

Usufruct Review

…Delicate by nature and pointed by truth. The show has its points of alluding its viewer in works by both Sreshta Premnath (Point Decapit___on) and Joshua Hart (_iso_) which each use objects like a cloth covered and running 16MM projector (Premnath) or a fake fur coat attached to distorted graphite drawings (Hart). Interesting to note their use of text titles, and how language has a strong bearing on the curatorial selections, given their literary roots in the formal and segmented nature of how text/context are interpreted through works such as this…
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November 7 – 30, 2007
Linfield Gallery, McMinnville, OR
Opening/Artists Reception Nov. 7th, 6 – 8 pm
Gallery Talk Nov. 28th, 6 pm

“…the freedom of individuals in a community to
appropriate resources merely by virtue of the fact
that they are using them.”
-Murray Bookchin, The Ecology Of Freedom

Jan Anderzen (Finland)
Rebecca Davis (NYC)
Helki Frantzen (NYC)
Josh Hart (NYC)
Harvest Henderson (PDX)
Linda Hutchins (PDX)
Diana Lang (PDX)
Dirk Lange (Germany)
Rhoda London (PDX)
Melody Owen (NYC)
Sreshta Premnath (NYC)
Dan Senn (PDX)
Jonathan VanDyke (NYC)
Bethany Wright (PDX).

Usufruct brings together artists who engage
trans-sculptural practices, taking inspiration from
everyday objects and experiences. Working in collage,
sculpture, installation, video and sound, these
artists construct a material body from the formerly
common, finding extraordinary ambiguities and
producing work as a series of questions.

If Then, As If

A “One Night Stand” curated by Branden Koch
April 28th, 2007
Ryan Brown, Vince Como, Cheryl Donegan, Paolo Javier, Suzanne Joelson,
Branden Koch, Sam Martineau, Charles Mayton, Tom Meacham,
Heidi Pollard, Rit Premnath, Gary Stephan


March 8-31
Jeremy Beaudry, Peter Bushell, Anna Callahan, Brian Collier,
Alex Demaris, Stephanie Diamond, Amber Ginsburg, Bridget Griffin,
Cynthia Greig, Peter HappelChristian, Jesse Houlding, Lisa Jevbratt,
Tim Van Laar, Caleb Larsen, John Maters, Daryl McCurdy,
Jeff Murphy and Malena Bergmann, Susan Nevelow Mart,
Rit Premnath and the Trustees of the Museum of Contextual Amputations,
Gina Rymarcsuk, Molly Scott, Randall Szott, and Jeff Thompson.

Spectral Evidence

At Rotunda Gallery
Terry Adkins, Walead Beshty, Mary Billyou,
Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson,Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani,
Jill Godmilow, Olen Hsu, Simon Leung, Lin + Lam,
Conor McGrady, Sreshta Premnath, Elaine Reichek curated by Steven Lam

January 17 ? March 3, 2007
Opening: Wednesday, January 17 from 7 to 9 pm

In The Country of Last Things Forever

October 20-November 11, 2006

Limited engagement
A production of gallery aferro
73 market street, Newark NJ 07102

Eric Harvey Brown and Lori Baker
Maximilian Goldfarb
Bradley Lucas Hyppa
Reuben Lorch-Miller
Sreshta Rit Premnath
Christian Marc Schmidt
Pascual Sisto
Claritas PRIZM Demographics

Curated Annually by Emma Wilcox
Opening Reception Friday October 20, 6-9:30

Shifter Review

International Exchange for Poetic Invention

Sunday, January 21, 2007-Linh Dinh

“Shifter, edited by Sreshta/Rit Premnath, is virtually unknown among writers because it’s not, strictly speaking, a literary journal. Its statement begins: “Shifter’s nature is such that it changes every issue. What worked in the previous issue doesn’t work anymore. What failed may be substituted with new deficiencies.

“Certainly no failure, Shifter has gotten increasingly more complex and intriguing, with each issue a work of art that rewards close reading and looking, its various components deftly woven together to yield constant surprises.”
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Museum of Contextual Amputations

Open Source has absorbed more than its technological connotations, and is now held up as a gospel-cry for tech-culture freedom to lay itself bare of any restrictions or secrets. The Museum of Contextual Amputations follows this Open Source creed as a way to construct a site dependent on users as architects of the content and form. Because of this method, however, the site can be a little disorienting. Like, the museum thrives on a network of seemingly unrelated items. In one moment, you may be transported from the hieroglyphic explanation of Plato’s dialogue cratylos to images of Al Zarqawi’s disembodied head to the self-immolation of a philosopher. While there are countless sites which depend on the “strange and unusual” in order to appear deep and complicated, the museum offers an escape from that because it be edited. Once logged in, users can edit each page, adding or subtracting certain elements by means of the very code that comprises the site. One can add a picture, a link to a video or separate text in order to add or subtract to the existing piece. The “recent changes” section lists all the modifications that various users have performed on the site. You can also add certain pages to a “watch list” in order to monitor the mods that appear on that page.
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