Blue Book/Moon Rock – GIDEST Seminar

For the April 14 GIDEST seminar I would like to focus on three projects presented as solo exhibitions in 2011, 2014 and 2017. The title of the seminar is drawn from an earlier 2009 installation, which started me on a particular trajectory that I can trace through these distinct projects.

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s writings, that take the form of carefully arranged and interrelated fragments, think through the difficulties inherent in speaking about a world in which philosophical categories like reality, facticity and cultural norm are often muddled. His writings have remained a point of reference for me, even as I have taken his persona, biography and photographic archive as raw material for speculative explorations in Blue Book/Moon Rock, Storey’s End (2011) and Knot Not Nought (2014). Storey’s End, for instance, takes Wittgenstein’s death as a point of departure and casts it as a moment full of possibility.

This mode of exploring aesthetic and philosophical aporias through displaced or re-examined histories has extended to the archives of two conceptual artists, namely Edward Krasinski in my exhibition Knot Not Nought and André Cadere in my exhibition Cadere/Rose (2017).

Below I provide you with links to documentation of each project, along with two texts each. One written by a critic on the occasion of the exhibition, which provides a more descriptive context for the artwork, and the other a text written by me which accompanied each show.

1) Storeys End
Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin, 2011

2) Knot Not Nought
Kansas Gallery, New York, 2014

3) Cadere/Rose
Nomas Foundation, Rome, 2017

Rosa Rosae
A video collaboration with Kuldeep Singh that is part of the exhibition Cadere/Rose