Structures Within an Intervention
Curated by Meenakshi Thirukode

The Guild Art Gallery, New York
45 W 21st Street, 2nd Floor
Buzzer #39, New York 10010
Artists: Rajkamal Kahlon / Swati Khurana / Vandana Jain / Michael Buhler Rose / Afruz Amighi, Mariam Ghani / Fawad Khan / Redo Pakistan (Fatima Hussain and Hamja Ahsan) / Divya Mehra / Aninditta Dutta / Nidhi Jalan

Intervenors: Town Hall Meeting / Ad Hoc Vox / Shifter / Gresham’s Ghost / Parlour

Intervention 3 by  Shifter: Between Dog and Wolf
May 25th, 12 – 8:30 pm

The intervention (or interruption) will take place for periods of about an hour, interspersed throughout the duration of the show at the discretion of the curator. Using darkness and a one hour lecture by Trin T Minh-ha as primary source material,  Shifter directs us towards questions regarding the migrant-self, boundaries and multiplicity in order to imagine, as Minh-ha puts it, “an image and a color whose depiction would require a different kind of hearing, a different kind of listening.”

This intervention invokes the time of twilight, described in French as “entre chien et le loup.”  This time of murky vision when people disappear and ghosts awake, is also a time of transformation and becoming. As individuals who confront and engage problems of identification, how do we proceed with clarity, while maintaining criticality in regard to how we identify ourselves. Indeed, (how) can the tropes of otherness be strategically employed to untangle the knots that shape it?