Artists: Vandana Jain, Fawad Khan, Hasnat Mehmood, Yamini Nayar, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Sad’ia Rehman, Lala Rukh, Mahbub Shah

Curated by Atteqa Ali

Dec. 6 2009 – Jan. 10 2010

Grey Noise
8, A II, Valencia Housing Society,
Lahore 54000, Pakistan
+92 42 5189111

Visual art is so much about looking. As viewers of art, we might believe that all we need to perceive are eyes. Yet looking and seeing are not as simple as they seem. When we look at something, we make sense of it through an extended web of circumstances that effect our perception. It is an accepted belief today that all of us do not see in the same way because of our different experiences. In fact, the physiological process of visual perception itself is considered to be an act of interpretation. Our eyes interpret the information attained through coming into contact with visible light.

“Good looking” presents artworks that play with our vision in order to help us understand how we percieve the world around us. The works in this exhibition consider how people see and do not see, both literally and metaphorically. By pointing out the complexity of perception, the artists in this exhibition tell viewers that they have to consider the environment and conditions from which they emerge to appreciate how they comprehend what they see.