Curated by: Michael J. G. Olsen

FEATURING Brian Belott, Richie Budd, Louis Cameron, Blalla Hallmann, Yamini Nayar, Tanyth Berkeley, Richard Tinkler, Kathy Grayson, Jason Gringler, YunNa Kim, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Ellen K Levy, Neckface, Michael Perrone, Rit Premnath, Matthew Rodriguez, and Jim Wright.

Wednesday, March 4th, 6pm – Midnight,

Opening Reception and Night of Sock-Puppetry!
@800PM “Private Time” with Annie Pearlman & Brian Belott!
@920PM Larissa Velez & Brian Belott!
@1000PM Miami Ice Machine
Thursday, March 5th, 6pm – Midnight,
Richie Budd performance: Tofu Dogs, Popcorn & Beer!
@800PM “The Morton Tabernacle” with Pete Pezzimenti & Brian Belott, & Brian Belott Solo!
Friday, March 6th, 6pm – Midnight
@800PM Kembra Pfahler
Saturday, March 7th, 6pm – Midnight,
@10PM Brian Belott & Larissa Velez performance!
Sunday, March 8th, Noon – Midnight,
Richie Budd performance: Tofu Dogs, Popcorn & Beer!
@800PM Larissa Velez & Brian Belott “Wordless chorus”!
@1000PM Miami Ice Machine

The Switch Building
109 Norfolk Street
New York, NY 10002


In 2008, 49-year-old Missouri resident and mother, Lori Drew, was prosecuted and convicted in Los Angeles in connection with the suicide death of Megan Meier, a 13 year-old girl who had
been fighting with her daughter. Lori had created a fake MySpace account, also known as a “sockpuppet” account, and assumed a fictitious identity of a 16 year-old boy named “Josh Evans” to create a “relationship” with her daughter’s rival.

After “Josh” broke up with Megan with an email that said, “The world would be a better place without you,” Megan killed herself.
Undermining the premise of persona, NO SOCKPUPPET explicitly challenges the corollary of a post-Warholian “anything is everything” mob, which propounds the nonsequitur that it is
possible to fabricate an identity outside of authenticity. This argument rests on the axiom of authenticity. Therefore, it is the intent of this exhibition not to contest identity as such, but rather to clearly delineate the authentic phenomenon of this explicit awareness in multimedia works by various artists.

The work in this exhibition is representational, separate from a strict sensory interpretation per se, and explicitly so in the artists’ baring their identity — that which is defiantly their own. These artists all exhibit bold courage in the explicit identification of themselves as being that which is identical to, or inseparable from, their artwork.
Another way of understanding the exhibition NO SOCKPUPPET is in its relation to Sartre’s writings on the phenomenon of being in his book “Being And Nothingness”: “The appearance is
not supported by any existent different from itself; it has it’s own being. The first being which we meet in our ontological inquiry is the being of the appearance.”
One might mistakenly assume (and seemingly Warhol alluded to) the possibility of an appearance-in-itself — that a sockpuppet is not a real thing — which may seem so at first. However, that which one apprehends manifests itself to the beholder as much as it does to anyone else. It is this certainty of being that we can relate to the phenomenon of identity for the better understanding of how each artist explicitly understands this link between themselves and the nature of their work.

The authenticity of identity varies between degrees of individual values and collective values in the works and concepts of the participating artists. To the degree that every work is sublimated by the artists identity, so is every identity absorbed by the paradox of the individual within society.
Contact Michael J. G. Olsen for more information at 212.920.7491,, FaceBook, and 323 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220.