Unnamable Name – January through March 2008
An installation within the book-stacks of Tompkins Library organized by Ithaca/NYC based artist Todd Ayoung

The library’s 2008 Series A Year of Art at the Library opens with a very different exhibit – Unnamable Name. Search for the exhibit within the book-stacks.

Unnamable Name is a group exhibition organized by the Ithaca/NYC based installation artist Todd Ayoung that includes works by visual artists working locally and internationally and using a variety of different media.Artists were asked to create work for underused non-art spaces inside the Tompkins County Public Library that addresses the repetition, persistence and notion of the “unnamable”, as a sighting between identity, or the naming of a category.

Participating artists include: Martha Rosler, Phill Niblock, Johan Grimonprez, Elisabeth Cohen, Jane Jin Kaisin, Ayisha Abraham, Greg Sholette, Rit Premnath, Kim Asbury, Buzz Spector, Dread Scott, Janet Koenig, Toby Greenberg, Katherine Liberovskaya, Kenseth Amstead, David Diao, Jacob Tell, Mierle Ukeles, Jenny Polak and Jeff de Castro with a Catalogue essay by Jelena Stojanovic and opening music by Chris White.