After a month of trying to figure out why the Museum of Contextual Amputations was not loading I have come to the conclusion that it was erased.

This online Museum showcased objects, images and texts that specifically employed the following strategies:

1 Lies/ Deceit
2 Plagiarism
3 Embellishment/ Extension
4 Erasure/ Removal
5 De-contextualization and Re-contextualization
6 Myth and Fiction

However, on October 12th 2007 the site mysteriously stopped loading. On further investigation it was found that the php pages in the site had been over-written by a short repeating code. Was this the final intervention? Had someone erased the Museum? After all, that was the fourth tenet of the project – Erasure/ Removal. The Shifter team is trying to track down the culprit – The Columbus Day Marauder – while simultaneously considering how to act next.

Any help is welcome since it was never fully backed up and may take a long time to reconstruct. Please email us if you have any leads or suggestions on how to proceed: