November 7 – 30, 2007
Linfield Gallery, McMinnville, OR
Opening/Artists Reception Nov. 7th, 6 – 8 pm
Gallery Talk Nov. 28th, 6 pm

“…the freedom of individuals in a community to
appropriate resources merely by virtue of the fact
that they are using them.”
-Murray Bookchin, The Ecology Of Freedom

Jan Anderzen (Finland)
Rebecca Davis (NYC)
Helki Frantzen (NYC)
Josh Hart (NYC)
Harvest Henderson (PDX)
Linda Hutchins (PDX)
Diana Lang (PDX)
Dirk Lange (Germany)
Rhoda London (PDX)
Melody Owen (NYC)
Sreshta Premnath (NYC)
Dan Senn (PDX)
Jonathan VanDyke (NYC)
Bethany Wright (PDX).

Usufruct brings together artists who engage
trans-sculptural practices, taking inspiration from
everyday objects and experiences. Working in collage,
sculpture, installation, video and sound, these
artists construct a material body from the formerly
common, finding extraordinary ambiguities and
producing work as a series of questions.